Custom Band Merch

Custom band merch

Promoting your Band with Daquia Band Merchandise

Whether you are a member of a small local band or a global phenomenon, you have one thing in common; you are looking to make a profit and to build your fan base. This is difficult if you do not have a way to promote your band and to keep your fans thinking about you on a regular basis. Custom band merch is the key.

Making a Profit

In the past, there were a number of ways that bands could become profitable. They would make money from playing venues and would profit from the sale of their CDs. However, times have changed and these profits are no longer a possibility. One modern way that you can promote your band is through the purchase and distribution of quality band merchandise. Selling these items to your fans can also be one of the best ways to help your band turn a profit as well.

Quality band merchandise is now required when you are promoting your band, but these items cost money to order; money that bands normally do not have a large supply of.



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How is Daquia Different?

One of the main benefits that you will see when you choose Daquia, is the fact that there is an unlimited amount of choices available to your fans. There are no setup fees and the products will not be created unless someone makes an order. This will allow your fans a way to customize their wardrobe around that they love the most. Your band will be set up with their own custom shop where you can upload your own unique graphics and designs. Your fans can then design their own t-shirts and other products with their own tastes in mind.


What are the Options?

When you are shopping with Daquia, you will find a number of products that can be customized with your own design. Whether you are looking to design your own t-shirt, a hoodie or a canvas bag, you will find everything that you need to create the exact look that you had in mind. The material that the shirts are made from is all high quality and has been created with comfort in mind. They also come in sizes from XS for women to 4XL for men. There are also sizes for children available as well. With these multiple sizes, you can easily order sizes for anyone, regardless of the size of the person. Get your own band merch store. Example store:



Benefits in Custom Merchandise

Most bands are looking for a way to share their brand with their fans. Whether they are just starting out or have been established for quite some time, there are many benefits from having quality merchandise that can be sold to the fans. Custom band merch is also beneficial because it can help you to find new fans. When a current fan wears or carries something with your logo on it, this creates a point of conversation that can help bring the attention of your band to a new potential fan. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for a band or musician and custom merchandise can help get the conversation started.


Benefits of Daquia

One of the main benefits that you will see when you select Daquia is that you can easily order as many or as few quantities that you need. It is the commitment of this site to deliver the absolute best price when it comes to the quality merchandise that will keep gaining the notice of your fans. The customer service that you will receive is also bound to be an outstanding experience. With everything that you need to get your merchandise in the hands of your fans, there is nothing left to do but to sit back and let Daquia work their magic. The team will be able to help you through the entire process and will help you to create the custom look that will appeal most to your fans.


How to Use Daquia

Using the site is fairly simple and straight forward. You will first select the t-shirt or other product that you wish to design. You can then click on the ‘Design Yourself” tab where you will find the entire product range. Every product that is available is customizable. From here, you can begin choosing sizes and colors that you wish to select. When you are looking to design a product with your unique design, you will simply click the “Choose Design” tab in the toolbar. Here, you will be able to select from some of the most popular images on the website or upload an image of your own. You can even create your own personal design. Please note: When you add a design to your t-shirt, it will default to appear in the middle of the shirt. However, there are many other areas that you can move the design to and you will be able to see all the printable areas when you are ready to move the image from one place to another. The third option that you have is to create a product that has your own personalized text. You will have the benefit of choosing between 600 fonts when you are creating your personalized text and can alter the fonts in a number of ways. You will be able to change the size of the font as well as the color and the format that it has been placed in.




Using Daquia to create your own personalized merchandise for your band is a simple process that can be a huge profit maker for the band. Your fans will love the flexibility of having many different designs to choose from and you will easily be noticed by those who are unaware of your band’s music. If you are looking for a way to increase the revenue that you are receiving from your band, be sure to check Daquia out for yourself. You will be surprised as to how wonderful the products that are created through this site will appear and the quality that they have been created with. Everything is always made with care and Daquia understands the importance of your business. Be sure to go online today and set up your very own free shop for your band.

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